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If you want to protect your literary, dramatic, musical, cinematographic, scientific, artistic, audio-visual etc. work from being deliberately reproduced or adapted, opt for copyrighting your intellectual property. The copyright act protects your intellectual property till the time the owner is alive plus 50 years after he has passed away. Any person who has lived in Thailand, a Thai citizen or a resident of a member country of the Berne Convention can claim copyright for every work they have created. The work in order to be claimed for copyright must be published in:

  • Thailand or
  • One of the member countries of the Berne Convention or
  • The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

It is not mandatory to register the copyrights but it does give you a proof of ownership of the work. In case, the need of registration arises, you can get your copyright registered from the Department of Intellectual Property. The requirements for getting the copyright registered include:

  • Notarized power of attorney
  • A duly completed application form (in Thai)
  • A copy of the copyrighted work.

An objection is to be filed in the civil court in the case of infringement. It should be filed within 3 years after the infringement. However, it should be mentioned that the use of intellectual property within normal limits is not prohibited and doesn’t count as infringement; for example, use of copyright for educational purpose, non-profitable reasons or for research.

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